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Software Testing

INTELLARC, a leading software Testing company, delivers Software Quality Assurance for desktop and mobile application. We genuinely understand the need of the client’s and draw our efforts on the project handed over by the client. Automated testing has the potential to expand the efficiency of the software and give high coverage performance free from errors. We render Automated Software Testing to build successful projects in a short span of time. If you are looking for the reputed organization in the country then we provide the best quality test automation process with the well-experienced professionals to customize the project according to the client’s demand. As per the modern era and advanced software demand, automated testing is the process of helping as a boon to the software testing process.

Automate Testing

Automate Testing opens the doors to perform tasks readily as it uses the automation tool to execute the test case suite while the Manual Testing is performed by a man sitting in front of the system carefully executive the test step by step. In simple words, Automate Testing is more effective and faster than the manual testing process. Every business perceives to achieve the best project for the growth and we are the one who delivers tremendous services. We render, with the help of the latest technologies, the best quality business projects like Mobile Application Testing, Web Application Testing and many more.

Advantages of Automated Testing

• Enhance speed.
• End-to-end process.
• Focus on Quality.
• Reduce time.
• Gives respective feedback.

Unit Testing

UNIT testing is a type of software testing where individual units/components of the software are tested. The unit testing of software application is done during the development of an application. It plays a crucial role in software testing and helps to the detection of unwanted bugs. The demand for quality assurance has increased significantly due to the rapid change in dynamic market trend. Unit testing needs deep expertise to look into the code with diverse perspectives such as code coverage, branch coverage, loop coverage, condition coverage, etc. We offer proper Software Unit Testing done during the development stage that saves time and money both. The service, we offer, fixes the bugs of development as soon as possible.

We, INTELLARC, have professionals in our organization who are experts, intelligent, and highly knowledgeable for several tools that likely include Jtest, Junit, NUnit, JMockit, EMMA, PHPUnit. With the help of our unit testing service, it increases confidence in changing/maintaining code. In order to make unit testing possible, we make codes modular. We find the actual tools and frameworks for the language that client required. Perfect unit testing service goals are to catch as many bugs early as possible in the development and we work with same particular strategy. We work intimately with our team to thoroughly ensure all projects to meet desired goals within budget and time.

Advantages of Unit Testing

• Analyze the software bugs quicken.
• Make the process agile.
• Reduce costs.
• Helps to simplify integration.
• Ameliorates code quality.

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